PhD in Economics at the University of Geneva

The deadline for applications is February 28th 2020.

PhD program in Economics at the University of Geneva.

The program combines rigorous coursework with close supervision for thesis work. During the first year our students take core course sequences in Micro, Macro, and Econometrics in Gerzensee taught by leading world experts:

 The program offers generous fellowships designed to integrate students into the teaching and research activities of the department, while at the same time allowing them plenty of time for their coursework and dissertation. Pay for our graduate students is very competitive and adequate for the cost of living in Geneva.

Faculty members at the Institute of Economics and Econometrics are internationally renowned scholars, fully committed to supervising PhD students. Our program is particularly suitable to students who are interested in applied micro and development, trade, urban economics, environmental economics, or econometrics. We also take advantage of the proximity of many international and non-governmental organisations in Geneva to develop join projects providing plenty of opportunities for our students.

Detailed information about the program and the application procedure can be found on the website:

Contact for more information:

Michele Pellizzari
Professor of Economics
Co-editor of Labour Economics
Director of the PhD in Economics
Geneva School of Economics and Management
University of Geneva
Uni-Mail, 40 Bd. du Pont d'Arve
CH-1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 37 98 915